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Making an addictive game is tricky, but Thomas Bowker seemed to figure out the formula with his first major release, LYNE.

Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures

Level 22 is a distinctively American game at first glance – it’s hard to believe that it was actually made in


Most fantasy games have a strict formula they follow. This goes double for classes and jobs, as no character is

Game Dev Tycoon

Back in 2012, a small gaming studio called Greenheart Games caught the attention of the gaming media through an unorthodox

Loren the Amazon Princess

Visual Novels traditionally have been an inherently Japanese genre. Only fairly recently they gained popularity among American creators, so you

Yawhg, The

The rise of the indie scene has also seen a return of the choose your own adventure format. There are

Science Girls

Hanako Games has been around for a good while now, and they’re an interesting group. The games they help publish

Broken Age

In February 2012, Tim Schafer launched a kickstarter campaign for a Double Fine adventure title, marking his return to the

Saturday Morning RPG

Disclaimer: Developer Mighty Rabbit Studios has been a contributor to the HG101 Patreon but did not request a review nor

Party Hard

Funny story: Both this and Punch Club were not only published by tinyBuild Games, but both were also games focused

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