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Submissions are currently closed but are reopening soon!

Most of our wanted submissions revolve around topics for future books. You can see the type of topics we cover by looking at our library, but here’s stuff we’ll be looking for for future volumes.

Please pitch us beforehand and wait for confirmation before writing something! While you can check the site for articles that are already published, sometimes we have articles already written that either aren’t published already or were only featured in a book.



We love Sega, particularly for the Saturn, Dreamcast, and Model 1/2/3 arcade era. Or anything, really. Are you a Billy Hatcher superfan and can help us fill the void that currently exists in HG101’s library? Will you answer the call?


For the next Taito volume, we’re looking for pieces on Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars, all Chase HQ games (except the first one), and various others not already covered on the site.


We’ve long wanted a Tower of Druaga article, but any other Namco game that’s not already covered would be great too.


We’ve got a lot of Capcom games already featured, but a few others we’re looking for include Chiki Chiki Boys/Mega Twins and their mid-1980s shoot-em-ups. We are also looking for a piece on the Giga Wing series (even though that’s technically by Takumi).



We already have two books on shoot-em-ups, but we’re planning one on cute-em-ups too. We’ve already covered most of the big games (Fantasy Zone, Parodius, TwinBee, Cotton, etc.), but lesser known and indie titles are most certainly welcome!


We’ve also got a lot of these covered, but surely there’s stuff we’re missing, right? Especially indie games.

Retro Horror

We have two books on Retro Horror games, but we want to do more! Right now, we’re looking at PlayStation (or PlayStation-era) games, the kinds that were made in the wake of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. And maybe getting into the early PS2 era also. We’ll also accept newer indie games that are done in the style of these 32-bit games, too.

Other Topics:

PlayStation 1 Imports

We’ve brought back our Japanese Obscurities column on a biweekly basis, now solely focusing on PS1 imports. We’ve got a whole big list of these we’re looking for, and the write-ups for these max out at 400 words.

90s PC Games

Outside of adventure games, we haven’t covered nearly enough of these on HG101, so more of these are definitely welcome, especially if they’re games that were only popular in Europe or Asia.

Other Incomplete Series:

Have you ever read an HG101 article and thought “Hmm, this feature is outdated and/or incomplete?” We try not to let this happens, but it does. But if you’re knowledgeable and can write, you can always help fix up these gaps!


We featured the Contra games in a Konami Classics book, but the most recent title included there was Hard Corps: Uprising, so we could use some ones featuring the new games, like Contra: Rogue Corps, Contra Returns (Smartphone), and Contra: Operation Galuga.

Dragon Quest

We’ve covered most of the mainline games and some spin-offs, but still need some more. For mainline games, we need pieces on Dragon Quest IX and X. For spin-offs, there are tons, but we’ve already got Slime Mori Mori and Dragon Quest Heroes covered, so anything other than those.

Fire Emblem

We’ve got the series covered up until Fire Emblem Echoes for the 3DS. But since then, there have been two strategy games for the Switch, two Warriors spin-offs, and a mobile game. Some of the earlier entries in this series could stand being spruced up or rewritten too.


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