Category: 500-Word Indies

Save Room

Save Room might be the most “obviously a fan game but technically not” game in some time. It’s clearly a

Limitless Hunger

Limitless Hunger leaves quite the first impression, putting it nicely. It looks rough and awkward, with weird textures and models.


There is a poetry and rhythm in violence that Bloodroots captures.  A self described “murder ballet” where one hit will

Westport Independent, The

Based on an abandoned concept game Lucas Pope made and fleshed out in all areas, The Westport Independent is a


Unheard is a brilliant idea and it is odd it came from where it did. This is a weird one

Solitaire Conspiracy, The

Mike Bithell has been doing well for himself. He’s found a lot of success with Thomas was Alone and has


So some Warhammer 40k loving Polish guy named Łukasz Piskorz made a game about a guy in a white suit


As the indie game scene has grown, there’s been a growing diversity in niches being covered. With Microsoft removing Solitaire

Post Void

You are a being who was peacefully living in the void, taking in all that never ending nothingness, loving every

Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine is the second game from Clifftop Games, whom you may remember for Kathy Rain. As a

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