Category: Trivia Tidbits

The Last Place You’d Expect to Hear SNES Music

Retro game music isn’t too common in live action media. Usually it’s either diegetic or punctuating a joke, and even

The Thousand Arms Dating Advice Columns of the 1999 Atlus Website

Thousand Arms is a 1998 JRPG from Atlus where you can date various female characters to improve your strength. While

The Ridiculous Chronology of the River City/Kunio-kun Series

We’re finishing up HG101 Presents The Guide to Beat-Em-Ups Vol. 1, which focuses on the works of Technos, Capcom, and

Nier Status Messages

One of the many things that makes Nier great are the PSN* status messages.  The terrible thing is one actually playing

The Hidden Husband of Black/Matrix

The world of Flight-Plan’s SRPG Black/Matrix is like an inverted version of Christianity – the seven deadly sins are considered

Cross-Series Cameo: Adol in Lunar: The Silver Star

Video game publishers occasionally cross-reference competitors titles in cheeky ways, though sometimes have to be done subtly to avoid copyright

The Three Great She-Devils of Square

Among the Japanese RPG fanbase, there’s a specific term for a set of female characters largely disliked by the audience:

The Tale of Oeilvert – Final Fantasy’s Forgotten Heroine

One of the big appeals of Final Fantasy IX was the way it appealed to the nostalgia of longtime series

Primordial Pauline: How Did Mario’s First Girlfriend Get Her Name?

The story of how Mario got his name is fairly well known – in the original Japanese arcade release of Donkey

Capcpom Presents – Gamest’s Greatest Typos

Gamest was one of the many video game magazines that ran through the 80s up until 1999, primarily created for

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