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The Ridiculous Chronology of the River City/Kunio-kun Series

We’re finishing up HG101 Presents The Guide to Beat-Em-Ups Vol. 1, which focuses on the works of Technos, Capcom, and

Nier Status Messages

One of the many things that makes Nier great are the PSN* status messages.  The terrible thing is one actually playing

The Hidden Husband of Black/Matrix

The world of Flight-Plan’s SRPG Black/Matrix is like an inverted version of Christianity – the seven deadly sins are considered

Cross-Series Cameo: Adol in Lunar: The Silver Star

Video game publishers occasionally cross-reference competitors titles in cheeky ways, though sometimes have to be done subtly to avoid copyright

The Three Great She-Devils of Square

Among the Japanese RPG fanbase, there’s a specific term for a set of female characters largely disliked by the audience:

The Tale of Oeilvert – Final Fantasy’s Forgotten Heroine

One of the big appeals of Final Fantasy IX was the way it appealed to the nostalgia of longtime series

Primordial Pauline: How Did Mario’s First Girlfriend Get Her Name?

The story of how Mario got his name is fairly well known – in the original Japanese arcade release of Donkey

Capcpom Presents – Gamest’s Greatest Typos

Gamest was one of the many video game magazines that ran through the 80s up until 1999, primarily created for

“Ii desu tomo” – Golbez’s Famous Line

In Retro Game Super Translation Selection, there’s a section explaining the famous “You spoony bard!” quote from Final Fantasy IV,

Don’t Believe Famitsu’s Lies – Final Fantasy Tactics’ Black Book

The Genji equipment is a series of samurai-themed weapons and armor found in most of the Final Fantasy games. In the PS1

Grave Rivalry – The Fate of Competing Video Game Heroes

Most video game publishers kept friendly relationships with each other, rarely referencing or parodying other games or characters other than

Metroid Omoroid – Metroid II’s Commercial Catch Copy

In Japan, video games are often sold with “catch copy”, memorable phrases that are the equivalent to Hollywood movie taglines.

The Urban Legend of Shin Megami Tensei: Turn it off now!

Back in 2003, a poster on the Japanese board 2ch posted a story about how he was playing Shin Megami

Obscure Video Game Controversies – Hard Hat Mack

Hard Hat Mack is an 8-bit computer game from Electronic Arts. It’s clearly inspired by Donkey Kong, in that it

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