Category: Your Weekly Kusoge

Gundam 0079: The War for Earth

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most influential anime series ever created, establishing many of the conventions of the

Devil’s Hunt

Okay, maybe considering Hellbound for a kusoge article was a bit harsh. Sure, the game had a ton of bizarre

Sinful Eden

Looking at a single screen of this game, you’d expect this Kusoge piece would be about how it’s a gross

Black Rainbow

The hidden object genre is kind of fascinating because while it’s certainly lacking in depth, the formula for making a

A.D. 2044

In October 2017, GoG gave out two games free from a Polish developer and publisher named L.K. Avalon. The first

Bad Rats

With the advent of Steam Greenlight and Early Access, the slow transformation of Steam from a prestigious digital PC storefront

Revengers of Vengeance

Revengers of Vengeance may not come up in conversation often, but when it does, it’s usually because of its title.

Super Star

You know what’s kind of amazing about China? How little the country seems to care about copyright law. This game


The Phillips CDi wasn’t exactly meant to be a game console – rather, it was a “multimedia” player that was


For those around during the N64 era, Superman 64‘s critical reception was phenomenally bad, and since release it’s come to be

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