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Freelance games and anime writer, lover of indie games and old point and clicks. Bi, male, will go on forever about existentialism if given the chance.

Stanley Parable, The

Back in 2011, when the Source engine was still making waves as a modder’s video game development playground before the

Gone Home

2013 was a crazy year in the indie scene, and we can mostly thank the existence of this one game.


Back in 2012, Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios released Primordia, a post-apocalypse adventure about machines surviving the world man left

Count Lucanor, The

It’s amazing just how much influence anime has had around the world. It’s far more popular in Spanish speaking countries

Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness

Up even into the 2000s, people were still trying to make the Myst formula work for them. A ton of adventure game

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