Korean Game Credits Repository: 1987-1993

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The credits appear as found in ingame credits, manuals, advertisements or magazines, in that order of preference. For names in Han’geul, a latin transcription is given in brackets. The “Other Games” column is almost always incomplete. Fragmentary game staff lists end in a line of “…”

Sin'geom-ui Jeonseol - APPLE ][

NameCredited AsOther Games
Nam InhwanProgrammer, DirectorTake Back
LIAR: Legend of the Sword II
Alien Slayer
U Hyeoncheol??

Hyeongjae-ui Moheom / Brother Adventure - MSX

NameCredited AsOther Games
Nam InhwanProgrammerSuper Boy I
Super Boy II
Super Boy 3
Cyborg Z
Magic Kid Googoo
Toto World 3
Koko Adventure
Metal Force (as E.S. Kim)
Hello Mr. President
Koo Eun JoongProgrammerKoko Adventure
Cyborg Z
Magic Kid Googoo
Toto World 3 (as Koo Euon Joong)
Metal Force (as E.J.Koo)
Burglar X
Zero Point
The Legend of Silkroad (as Eun-joong Koo)

Uju Jeonsa Dooly - APPLE ][

NameCredited AsOther Games
노후열 (No Huyeol)Main Program?
임규형 (Im Gyuhyeong)Graphics?
채덕영 (Chae Deogyeong)Intro, Sound?