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The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Blu-Ray

Now available on Amazon for $23.99 Author and journalist John Szczepaniak spent three months travelling around Japan, interviewing over 80

HG101 Digest Vol. 6: Namco Arcade Classics

Namco was the master at creating unique and interesting characters for their 80s and 90s arcade games. Revisit some of these classics with the sixth Hardcore Gaming 101 digest! This book includes comprehensive reviews of two of the company’s golden age titles, Mappy and Dig Dug, and also examines games like their spy-themed run-and-gun Rolling Thunder, their buddy-cop racing/shooter Lucky & Wild, and the madcap multiplayer brawler The Outfoxies. It also includes looks at their lesser known properties, many of which were only released in Japan, including the Valkyrie series, Dragon Buster, Marchen Maze, Genpei Toumaden, Youkai Douchuuki, Wonder Momo, and Bravoman, plus Mirai Ninja, Namco’s foray into film/gaming crossovers.

HG101 Digest Vol. 5: Treasure

Now available! This book covers the work of cult classic developer Treasure, plus several other related titles!

HG101 Presents: Japanese Video Game Obscurities

101 rare, weird and important Japanese video games!

HG101 Presents: Épopée – Tales from French Game Developers

By Thomas Ribault Now available! Amazon US Paperback – $20 Amazon US Kindle – $9.99 Amazon UK Paperback – £16 Amazon UK

HG101 Digest Vol. 4: Star Fox and F-Zero

Our latest book, covering Star Fox, F-Zero, and several other topics, is now available for purchase!

HG101 Digest Vol. 3: The Guide to Retro Horror

Cover artwork by Rusty Shackles Now available! Hardcore Gaming 101 is proud to present The Guide to Retro Horror! Within these

HG101 Presents: NES Cult Classics

Now available! Cover artwork by Thor Thorvaldson Whenever anyone thinks of the best developers on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the most

The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers: Volume 3

The third and final volume of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers is complete! It’s 423 pages and features

HG101 Presents: The Guide to Retro Indie Games Vol. 1

Cover artwork by Kaibuzetta With the introduction of Steam and other digital download services, the indie game development scene has greatly

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