The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Blu-Ray

Now available on Amazon for $23.99

Author and journalist John Szczepaniak spent three months travelling around Japan, interviewing over 80 members of the games industry for a trilogy of books spanning nearly a million words. Originally released exclusively for Kickstarter backers, this remastered Blu-Ray documentary, available publicly for the first time, contains a selection of those interviewed.

-Region Free! Will play on NTSC and PAL Blu-Ray players!

-Around 132 minutes of Blu-Ray quality HD video documentary!

-Featuring brand new captured game footage!

The over two hours of tightly edited footage includes:

* An unreleased MSX game from Tecno Soft

* PC Engine vs Famicom audio

* Design documents for Guardian Legend, MUSHA, and Aleste Gaiden

* Hudson’s abandoned R&D laboratory

* Solomon’s Key sketches

* Westone offices

* Ryuichi Nishizawa of Wonder Boy

* Street Fighter II distributor Roy Ozaki

* Kouichi Yotsui of Strider

* Cannon Dancer director’s commentary

* Secret OutRun tapes

* Making Namco’s Pac-Land

* How Taito did pixel art

* Parallax scrolling on PC Engine

* Cybernator artist and designer

* Yoshiro Kimura of Love-de-Lic

* Making Dragon Quest on Famicom

* Catrap on Game Boy

* Dissecting Namco’s neGcon controller

* Human Entertainment

* Yuzo Koshiro of Sega

* Streets of Rage 4 on Dreamcast

* Enix programming

* Prototype MSX

* Data East’s Deco Cassette and rare game footage

* The Japanese Game Preservation Society

* And more!


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