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3-D Bomberman

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It wasn’t unusual for sequels in gaming’s early years to try something completely different instead of iterating on established ideas.

Bomberman Series Introduction / Bomberman (1983)

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Once upon a time, Bomberman was a pretty big deal in the world of video games. As one of the

Bomb Boat

Bomb Boat (ボンボート) Release Date: 2002 Developer: Success Platform: Sony PlayStation This article is part of our Japanese Obscurities feature.


The PS2 was home to all sorts of B-tier action games that spawned from Devil May Cry’s success, from Capcom’s

Wonder Dog

It’s no secret that mascot platformers were a big thing in the 90s. Everyone in every industry wanted a piece

Battle of Kingdom

Battle of Kingdom (バトルオブキングダム) Developer: Lenar / Live Planning Platform: Game Boy Release Date: 1993 This article is part of

Lord of the Sword

As one of the few “Adventure Role-Playing” games on the Master System to follow in the wake of Phantasy Star,

Charge ‘N Blast

Sega’s Dreamcast became known as a haven for top-notch, highly replayable arcade ports, and Charge ‘N Blast takes so many

Eternal Legend

During the late 1980s into 1990, Dragon Quest’s first four entries had taken Japan by storm, making RPGs the hot

Cyber Core

The TurboGrafx-16 is known for its vast library of shoot-em-ups, so it can be difficult for the more obscure ones

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