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During the mid-90s, fledgling developer Insomniac Games was looking for a debut project to give them the game design experience

Nekketsu Oyako

When most people think of Technosoft, it’s usually for their technically impressive Thunder Force games or the groundbreaking Herzog Zwei.

PaRappa the Rapper: Other Media

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MilkCan – Make it Sweet! (1999) / PJ & Parappa – I Scream! (1999) Um Jammer Lammy enjoyed a lot

PaRappa the Rapper 2

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By late 2001, the rhythm-action genre was making waves round the world, with Konami putting out about a dozen hugely

Um Jammer Lammy

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While PaRappa the Rapper proved to be quite popular, selling three million copies and gaining a notable cult following, its

PaRappa the Rapper

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If there’s a game that defines the impact and possibilities that the original PlayStation brought to video gaming, it’s PaRappa

Sonic R

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Despite being at the center of the Genesis’ success and popular to the point of ubiquity, Sonic the Hedgehog was


Quintet was in a weird place from the mid-90s onward. Following their well-regarded trilogy of action-RPGs (Soul Blazer, Illusion of

Silent Debuggers

One of the joys of checking out older video games is stumbling across games that experiment with ideas long before

Powerslave (Console)

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As part of the publishing agreement with Playmates Interactive, Lobotomy produced a console port of PowerSlave for the PlayStation and

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