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For those of us who live outside of Europe, the region where it reigned supreme, the Commodore Amiga is a

Worms: Reinforcements

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As an expansion pack for the original game, Reinforcements adds an assortment of new features both subtle and major, and

Worms: The Director’s Cut

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Team 17, the company who helped polish Worms into a commercial state and put it on shelves, were one of

Worms 2

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While the computer that spawned it didn’t, Worms managed to survive, thanks to a multitude of ports and the strength

Worms Pinball

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In 1998, Team 17 released Addiction Pinball, a fairly standard pinball simulation that seemed to take much after the Pro

Worms Armageddon

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At a casual glance, Armageddon won’t seem terribly different from the game that preceded it. Ask around, however, and you’ll

Worms World Party

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Despite the Dreamcast’s online capabilities, its port of Armageddon only allowed for gaming with local players. And so it was

Worms Blast

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It wouldn’t be hard to assume that Team 17 was running low on new ideas for the franchise after World

Worms 3D

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After the odd detour that was Worms Blast, one could only wonder what else Team 17 could do with the

Worms Forts: Under Siege

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It’s somewhat frustrating to talk about Forts for too long, as it’s more or less a promising idea that simply

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