Category: 500-Word Indies

Cyber Crush 2069

So you’ve been meaning to try HuniePop or Cyberpunk 2077, but you don’t want to deal with 4chan lingo or

Darkside Detective, The

The Darkside Detective is probably one of the most middle of the road sort of adventure games you’ll ever play

Tanuki Justice

Wonderboy Bobi is a French game developer that first cut their teeth on Sega-inspired fan games before moving onto professional


You want some real cyberpunk? The big budget gaming world ain’t doing it for you and you already played all

Riddled Corpses

Do you like anime? Do you like shooting zombies? Well then your pickings for video games have mainly been garbage


The PS1 look has started becoming popular for indie horror games, and playing through Paratopic gives you a good idea

Ghostly Matter

Ghostly Matter is a retro-styled 2D Metroidvania dropped on Steam without any fanfare, whose claim to fame is that it


Kitty Horrorshow comes from the alt-games circle, an odd movement where games are built in all sorts of strange ways,

Ghost 1.0

Ghost 1.0 is the second Metroidvania made by Spanish developer Franfistro (Francisco Téllez de Meneses), after sleeper hit UnEpic. Unlike

Tower of Archeos, The

So the ultra-hard dungeon crawling rogue-like genre is overdone. How do you breathe life into it? French developer Benjamin Soulé’s

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