Category: 500-Word Indies

Tale of Two Kingdoms, A

Maeldun Whiteblade, hero of the uprising that stopped the expansionism of King Vortigern of Theylinn, is now a guest in

Space Mouse

Space Mouse is the second of Mindware’s conversions of early 80s Japanese PC titles, originally published as a type-in program


Downwell is a game where you jump into a well and then go down it. Also, there are monsters that you

Hyper Princess Pitch

Operation Carnage was never the most well known of DOS games, and even if you consider yourself a fan of the


Described as a “grim fairy tale board game”, Armello is set in a fantasy kingdom of anthropomorphic animals, all divided into various

Manos: The Hands of Fate

In 1966, a Texan insurance and fertilizer salesman filmed one of the worst movies ever made. This botch of cinema

Ghost Blade

The Dreamcast has lived long after its official expiration date thanks to the efforts of a few indie developers. Most

One Way Heroics

One Way Heroics is a tile-based, turn-based, procedural generated online RPG, another entry in the increasingly crowded genre of Roguelikes, or

Destruction Carnival

If you’ve been around the internet long enough, you might remember a program from way back when known as Klik N’


Darkness is another new title genuinely programmed for the Commodore 64 and published in disk, tape and even cartridge format by

Dear Esther

When approached as a game, Dear Esther is bundled frustration. A game all wandering around an abandoned island sounds like a great

Home: a unique horror adventure

The protagonist of Home is a nameless guy who wakes up in an unknown house with a wounded leg. Just in the

Edge Grinder

Edge Grinder is a game were you grind along edges. Well, technically it’s a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up, with lots of alien

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