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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System and JRPGs go hand in hand. In 1994 the system was in the prime of

Radia Senki: Reimeihen

Radia Senki: Reimeihen (translated as “Chronicles of Radia War”) for the Famicom is one of the many great RPGs that

Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe: Ohanabatake wa Dai-Panic!

Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe: Ohanabatake wa Dai-Panic! (“Sunshine Angel Marlowe: Panic in Bloomland!”) or just “Angel Marlowe” is a weird


Irem is the company behind R-Type, undoubtedly one of the most influential shoot-em up series this side of Gradius. Sqoon

The Space Bar

Designed and written by veteran text adventure game creator Steve Meretzky (Planetfall, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), The Space

Alpha Centauri

Anyone who’s finished a game of Civilization I or II by winning the Space Race is familiar with the tense


In Game One’s excellent mini-documentary on arcade shooters “Japon: Histoire du Shooting Game“, Tsuneki Ikeda of Cave sheds a little

Pony Island

Game jams are magical things. These little challenges to make games in short time-spans has lead to some very strange

Pepper’s Adventures in Time

Sierra’s edutainment line of products never got much attention from adventure game fans, for mostly good reasons. EcoQuest was an

Tsugunai: Atonement

RPGs are long and take time to develop, so it’s rare that many are available at console launches. In the

Rent A Hero (Sega)

Sega is a company that has always liked to celebrate in its games their most famous achievements, as titles like

Suburban Commando

Does the name Terry Gene Bollea ring a bell? No? What about Hulk Hogan? The Hulkster was one of the

Vampire Rain

At least the premise is interesting; vampires are taking over the world! They’re lightning fast and have superhuman senses, but

The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble

The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble is often lumped in together with Coktel’s Gobliiins series, although it’s actually an

Shadow Force

When it came to beat-em-ups, Technōs was never content to simply rehash a formula again and again. They were always