Gogetsuji Legends

Gogetsuji Legends / Gouketsuji Gaiden: Saikyou Densetsu - Arcade (1995)

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Power Instinct

Also known as “Power Instinct Legends” (although the title screen says Gogetsuji Legends), the third game is really more of an upgrade than a whole new title. Super Kurara and Pooch have become their own characters, while Kurara and Kinta have lost their transformations. There’s also a new final boss named Chuck, who looks like a punk version of Dan Hibiki wearing a codpiece, and the Kuroko (dubbed Ninja Boy in English) is now playable. The only real major change is that you can choose two characters – if the first character loses a round, the second one comes into play, similar to King of Fighters. Other additions include a defensive move that can be cancelled into a special move, and stronger attacks executed by pressing two buttons at once. Other than some modified backgrounds and new music, there’s not too much else to distinguish this one from Power Instinct 2.

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