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Realm of Impossibility

Realm of Impossibility is one of those classic computer games that manages to do a lot with very little. Your

Rad Racer II

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With the first game garnering majority of its half-million sales in North America, its sequel was developed and sold exclusively


Psychosis, released in 1990 for the TurboGrafx-16 and developed by a company named Dual, has a different set-up than most

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

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Despite being their most famous franchise, Falcom has often taken its time to expand the core entries of the Ys

“Ii desu tomo” – Golbez’s Famous Line

In Retro Game Super Translation Selection, there’s a section explaining the famous “You spoony bard!” quote from Final Fantasy IV,

Rock ‘n Rage

Rock ‘n Rage is a comedic, music- themed run-and-gun, featuring characters that teeter perilously close to infringing territory. During a

Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective

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In the years after Bubsy 3D, the character and series had since become a joke among video gamers, especially thanks

Heiankyo Alien 3671

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Heiankyo Alien was resurrected for a 2017 release on Steam by Mindware, the same developer that put out Cosmic Cavern

Light and Shadows: Wolfenstein II Visual Glitches

Wolfenstein II begins with hero BJ Blazkowicz having survived a near death experience, and awakens in an extremely crippled state.

Don’t Believe Famitsu’s Lies – Final Fantasy Tactics’ Black Book

The Genji equipment is a series of samurai-themed weapons and armor found in most of the Final Fantasy games. In the PS1

Vampire: Master of Darkness

One look at Vampire: Master of Darkness (or In the Wake of Vampire, depending on which version you’re playing) and

Grave Rivalry – The Fate of Competing Video Game Heroes

Most video game publishers kept friendly relationships with each other, rarely referencing or parodying other games or characters other than

Dark Seed II

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Dark Seed II picks up a year after the ending of the original. Mike has had the good sense to

Dark Seed

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Ridley Scott’s 1979 movie Alien still ranks as one of the scariest movies ever made. There are at least a


Harvester looks like it was deliberately crafted after Senator Liebermann’s 1991 hearings about violence in video games. It is intensely bloody,