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Man Enough

When it comes to games involving the pursuit of romance, it’s not often something that we of the Western hemisphere

Depth Dwellers

Everybody and their mother had to put out a first person shooter after id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D and Doom hit the gaming scene. Some

Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Chess Wars

When Battle Chess first saw release in 1988, it served as a rather serviceable chess game, with the gimmick that the pieces

Ghost Blade

The Dreamcast has lived long after its official expiration date thanks to the efforts of a few indie developers. Most

Adventures of Gilligan’s Island, The

At first glance, the existence of a Gilligan’s Island game for the NES may seem baffling. It’s not just that it’s based


Musya: The Classic Japanese Tale of Horror reached the US in 1992 via the Seta Corporation. Its developer, Jorudan, made the

Mr. Pibb: The 3D Interactive Game

For as long as video games have existed, there have been games based on the food and drink you’ve probably


Rock-On is one of many shoot-em-ups released throughout the life of the PC Engine. While the system has an impressive library

Guardians of the ‘Hood

Guardians of the ‘Hood is the spiritual successor to the infamous brawler Pit Fighter. It builds off of its formula and ever-so-slightly

One Way Heroics

One Way Heroics is a tile-based, turn-based, procedural generated online RPG, another entry in the increasingly crowded genre of Roguelikes, or

Destruction Carnival

If you’ve been around the internet long enough, you might remember a program from way back when known as Klik N’

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy has been an American icon since Chester Gould created the comic strip in the 1930s. With his yellow coat,

Beast Wrestler

The year 1991 was huge for the Sega. The infamous “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” campaign began airing on televisions across

Robert Woodhead (Interview)

This entry is part 16 of 17 in the series Wizardy

Robert Woodhead is headed into zero-gravity, and he’s bringing his camera. The Wizardry co-creator will climb aboard an aircraft and perform a

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