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1944: The Loop Master

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In the late ’90s, Capcom began a push to bring shooters back into the arcades. They contracted several well known

1941: Counter Attack

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1941 is a giant leap forward from the previous two games, fixing many of the problems of 1943 and by extension, 1942. Now that

1943: The Battle of Midway

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Released three years after its predecessor, 1943: The Battle of Midway is a massive improvement. It looks much nicer, has an actual


Toaplan (東亜プラン) was one of the most prolific developers of shooters during its golden age. While many of their earlier

V-Five / Grind Stormer

V-Five, sometimes called V-V and also known as Grind Stormer, was one of Toaplan’s later games. It was programmed by Tsuneki Ikeda, who

Eliminate Down

Names like Konami, Irem and Toaplan dominate the discussion of great 16-bit shooter developers, but few words are ever spoken about Aprinet. This is because

Oh Shit!

Oh Shit! is such a bizarre creation, one that’s totally unashamed to swear and steal at the same time. It’s

Twin Cobra II

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Takumi, one of the four companies that formed after Toaplan closed its doors, finished Twin Cobra II. It was almost completed

Twin Hawk

Twin Hawk, directed by Lee Ohta, is notable for giving the player the ability to command a whole squadron of


Vimana is one of Toaplan’s most unique shooters. The level design is particularly creative, along with a unique charge shot and

Fire Shark

Fire Shark is the vastly improved sequel to Flying Shark. The most common complaint of Flying Shark was that your plane was too weak


In 1984, a Taito subsidiary called Allumer developed a game called Great Swordsman, one of the first one-on-one fighting games ever


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The Vasara games are two fairly unique manic shooters. They’re set in medieval Japan, but feature giant flying robots, much like Compile’s M.U.S.H.A. and Robo Aleste.

Escape From Hell

The old days of computer RPGs were mostly dominated by the fantasy genre, with titles such as Ultima, and Might and Magic being


The Super Famicom was home to a number of excellent action-RPGs, amongst them Illusions of Gaia, Soul Blazer, Terranigma, Brain Lord, and many others.

Flame Zapper Kotsujin

For the most part, NEC’s PC-9801 platform was largely known for strategy games, RPGs and visual novels. While there are

Vasara 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Vasara

Visco’s follow up to Vasara was their last game and came out only a year later. It made a few changes to


Alantia, developed by Cross Media Soft and published by Victor Musical Industries, is a rail shooter for the PC88VA and

Zero Wing

Zero Wing is one of Toaplan’s most well known games, at least in English speaking territories, mostly because of the “All

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