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by Sotenga Even in their early days, Sega were always thinking of bold new concepts to innovate and evolve the


Overhead “run-n-gun” shooting games in the vein of Commando and Ikari Warriors normally take place on foot, though the latter allowed you to commandeer

Vice: Project Doom

A cliché statement though it is, imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. Unscrupulous designers thought they could be

Taboo: The Sixth Sense

1983 was when I, Robot hit arcades with its prototypical 3D graphics, but it also came with a curious secondary

My Hero

The term “beat-em-up” is loosely ascribed to any action game wherein large quantities of enemies are dispatched by a much

Tranquilizer Gun

Sega’s Tranquilizer Gun (in Japan consistently misspelled with an extra “l”), developed for the Sega VIC Dual hardware, has a


The basic formula for a shoot-em-up game is to set it in space and/or over an expansive landscape, make your

Pig Newton

The least likely sources can sometimes make for the least likely video games. Ever hear of Wild West: Cowboys of Moo

I’m Sorry

Video games don’t often tackle satirical matters, but back in the mid-eighties when games were in a bizarre state of

Burai Fighter

KID, standing for “Kindle Imagine Develop,” was a developer who made some pretty decent NES action games, most of which

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