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Yoshiro Kimura (Interview)

Photo by Daniel Feit from Inside Japan’s Indie Games Fest, Where Crazy Is Mandatory Q: You love travelling and have


When Yume Nikki started to become popular in the West a few years after its initial success with 2ch denizens in 2004,

Pyongyang Racer

There is nothing that decaying communist dictatorships love like tourism. The Republic of Cuba is a striking example of this

Gaball Screen

Licensed games will always leave gamers skeptical. After all, why trust what is essentially a marketing process? That’s especially true

Alice: An Interactive Museum

Synergy is a rather unique publisher in the history of computer games. During the first half of the ’90s, this

Ihatovo Monogatari

The phenomenon known as “I” is a blue light coming from a temporary, organic alternative current lamp (a synthesis of

Gunple: Gunman’s Proof

The Super Famicom has seen the release of a lot of unexpected games. The old limits of the Famicom were

Book of Watermarks, The

We are such stuff As dreams are made on, – William Shakespeare’s The Tempest It’s not a secret that adventure

Hatoful Boyfriend

The Internet is full of surprises, though the jury’s ultimately still out on whether that’s a good thing. This particular


This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series OverBlood

” PIIIPPOOOOO- ” Up until the release of OverBlood – their first PlayStation production – in 1996, Riverhillsoft was mainly known for its fairly

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