Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Breeding Company

Hammerin' Harry: Ghost Breeding Company / Daiku no Gen-san: Ghost Breeding Company (大工の源さん ゴーストビルディングカンパニー) - Game Boy (1992)

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It’s Hammerin’ Harry versus the undead! The first of many portable sequels, this Game Boy game implements a life meter just like its NES cousin, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Its pacing is a bit slower to compensate for the immensely blurry screen of the Game Boy, but surprisingly, it actually works pretty well. The levels are well designed and more interesting than Daiku no Gen-san 2, and are still very difficult, taking you through haunted houses, airships, jungles and caverns, all while fighting ghosts, skeletons and other creatures of the night. There are a few side-scrolling shooter segments, as well as one boss battle where the camera “zooms out”, so Harry is just a tiny little sprite fighting against something huge. This one was released in both Japan and Europe.

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