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Robot Ponkottsu 64

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The same day the special editions of Robot Ponkottsu hit the Game Boy Color, Hudson released Robot Ponkottsu 64, this time developed solely

Robopon 2

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Robopon 2 begins appropriately by recreating the original’s finale. Right where the game concludes, Prince Tail informs Cody that a new


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By the time Pokémon made it to American shores in late 1998, it was an instant multimedia franchise. Having been released in


It’s not unusual for game companies to promise much more than they can deliver. Throughout the ZX Spectrum era, many


Tun Shi Tian Di III

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In 1995, an unofficial Tenchi wo Kurau game was developed for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The title screen says it was published

Tenchi wo Kurau (PC88)

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A year prior to Capcom’s release of Dynasty Wars and Destiny of an Emperor, a software company called Winky Soft developed their own

Tenchi wo Kurau: Sangokushi Gunyuuden

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A year after Sun L’s Game Boy version, Capcom developed a third Tenchi wo Kurau RPG, this time for the Super Famicom.

Dark Sceptre

The ZX Spectrum scene of the ’80s is always difficult to pigeonhole. The computer was a viable platform for almost


Publishers can make a huge difference in terms of software quality. Back in the ’90s, LJN and Sony Imagesoft were

Techno Cop

Throughout the 1980s, gory violence in video games was very limited. The controversial 1976 arcade classic Death Race had players

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