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Good old Phalanx, a very solid horizontal shooter that doesn’t do anything new, but also does everything well. It’s one

Battlemania Daiginjou

Trouble Shooter and Battle Mania did not become explosively popular in either the US and Japan but their creators were happy enough with

Metal Slug

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After the success of the legendary Fatal Fury, the Neo Geo became almost exclusively the home of 2D fighters. SNK’s most


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Released in arcades in 1987, Taito’s Rastan was one of the best fantasy action-platformers of its time. The hero, the

Barbarian (PS2/GC)

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Sapphire, after cutting their teeth with a few projects for Midway like the home ports of War Gods and the ultra-violent 3D

Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III

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While Rastan Saga II didn’t achieve the same success as the original, Taito took another stab at the franchise a

Rastan Saga II

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Rastan found immediate popularity. To quickly capitalize on this, Taito developed and manufactured a sequel for the arcades in less

Alien Syndrome (2009)

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Despite the arguable lack of quality in the GBA versions of The Revenge of Shinobi and Altered Beast: Guardian of

Axiom Verge

Metroid (together with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its successors) are the two names that created the “Metroidvania” subgenre,


Released in 1991, IGS/Alfa Systems’ Sinistron quickly got lost in the crowd both in Japan and in the US, due

Jinmu Denshou

Space Harrier‘s release in 1985 was followed by many imitators. Their quality is as varied as their settings, running the

Trouble Shooter

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Trouble Shooter is a fitting Genesis game from Vic Tokai, combining the art style and goofy characters one would expect from

Werewolf: The Last Warrior

After putting one on one fighting games on the map with Karate Champ in 1984, Data East would continue to hit it

Atomic Runner Chelnov

Atomic Runner Chelnov, like many of Data East’s titles, is one of those games that’s regarded as a cult classic

King of Fighters ’98, The

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With the Orochi storyline concluded, SNK created the first “Dream Match” title, which ditched the plot and added nearly all