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Rise of the Triad

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In the 1990s, no other genre seemed to dominate the PC gaming market quite like the first person shooter. And

Alien Soldier

Treasure’s Mega Drive blast-a-thon Alien Soldier is nearly impenetrable, unforgiving, exhausting and infuriating. That said, it is also an almost unequivocal

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be a Hero

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The Quest for Glory series, designed by the husband and wife team of Lori and Corey Cole and initially published

Legend of Robin Hood, The: Conquests of the Longbow

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Some parts of the first game referred to it as “Conquests of Camelot I”, implying that a sequel would focus

Conquests of Camelot

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Sierra’s short-lived Conquests series – written and designed by Christy Marx, with artwork provided by her husband Peter Ledger –

Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh

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Despite its mixed reviews, Phantasmagoria sold extremely well. Sierra continued its line of FMV adventure games with The Beast Within,

Scheme, The

Hardcore video game music fans might recognize The Scheme as being one of the early works of famed composer Yuzo Koshiro. Koshiro


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Phantasmagoria

Would it be too harsh to criticize Roberta Williams? She was undoubtedly a pioneer of the adventure gaming scene, but

Altered Destiny

P. J. Barrett is just an average guy, looking forward to spending the night watching television with his sweetheart. His

Codename: Iceman

Sierra’s Police Quest series was a curious monster. Based loosely on the real-life exploits of retired cop Jim Walls, they

Blake Stone

Even a year after its original release, Wolfenstein 3D was a pretty popular game. Apogee began work on a sequel, which would

Isle of the Dead

Combining a point-and-click adventure with a first person shooter, two hot genres in the computer gaming scene in 1993, should

Body Harvest

by Jerry Fieldsted (Wildcat) Perhaps you’ve heard of a little game called Grand Theft Auto III? Developed by DMA Design,

Racing Lagoon

by Joe B. There were few companies with an output like Squaresoft in the mid to late 90s. Over the

Speed Power Gunbike

by Joe Salina Years ago, before the Internet became the ever-expanding universe of useless information that it is, it was