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Kaisoku Tenshi: The Rapid Angel

  Sony of America’s infamous anti-2D policy during the PSOne era is well known, but the business politics of Sony

Mendel Palace

With a small team and a devkit purchased, Tajiri and the rest of Game Freak (with help from Kindle Imagine


Quiver was developed by Mike Taylor under the banner of ESD Games, which has no other video game projects to

Punky Skunk

  Known for their black-and-white striped fur, bushy tails and impossibly rancid defensive spray, skunks are quite the divisive little


In Game One’s excellent mini-documentary on arcade shooters “Japon: Histoire du Shooting Game“, Tsuneki Ikeda of Cave sheds a little

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

 Remember ragdoll physics? As we entered the sixth console generation, ragdoll physics were becoming all the rage in the gaming

Pogo Bunny

PC gamers are likely familiar with the term “euro jank”. It’s a designation given to assorted games from the old

Pony Island

Game jams are magical things. These little challenges to make games in short time-spans has lead to some very strange


In every family there’s a weird child. You know, the kind who smokes strange stuff and draws dead birds sketches

Parasite Eve

1998: a Japanese video game studio called SquareSoft (known primarily for its role-playing games) enjoys its well-earned spot in the

Pepper’s Adventures in Time

Sierra’s edutainment line of products never got much attention from adventure game fans, for mostly good reasons. EcoQuest was an

Perfect Weapon

  In this wretch PS1 title from Gray Matter Interactive, you are Captain Blake Hunter, apparently the eponymous Perfect Weapon,

Yakuza Fury

Yakuza Fury is a fun game. It may be odd to state this, but it seems necessary to establish this

Fight for Life

The Jaguar! If ever a video game system has managed to carve itself a special place inside the hearts of


PlatinumGames’ Vanquish is very heavily informed by the time and place it comes from. When it was first released in 2010,