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Ganbare Neo Poke-Kun

Japanese games can certainly be weird to us Westerners. Compared to western games, some stuff that came from the land

Haunting Starring Polterguy

Vito Sardini is one cheap bastard. He owns and runs a skateboarding company and buys the cheapest parts to cut


Can you honestly think of any game that was released by Sony Imagesoft? Actually, can you think of a game

The Yawhg

The rise of the indie scene has also seen a return of the choose your own adventure format. There are

Science Girls

Hanako Games has been around for a good while now, and they’re an interesting group. The games they help publish

Broken Age

In February 2012, Tim Schafer launched a kickstarter campaign for a Double Fine adventure title, marking his return to the

Saturday Morning RPG

Disclaimer: Developer Mighty Rabbit Studios has been a contributor to the HG101 Patreon but did not request a review nor


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System and JRPGs go hand in hand. In 1994 the system was in the prime of

Party Hard

Funny story: Both this and Punch Club were not only published by tinyBuild Games, but both were also games focused


In March of 2012, two friends decided to make a game together. They finished it January 2013, and released it

Randal’s Monday

LucasArts, to this day, is the name that keeps coming up in the point and click world. They completely defined

Punch Club

You remember how Gainax’s Princess Maker series basically invented an entire new subgenre and influenced a bizarre amount of western

DLC Quest

One of the modern plagues on gaming has become DLC and freemium game design. With the rise of cellphone gaming

Last Survivor

Most gamers know id Software’s Doom, released in 1993, as the game that popularized the multiplayer first person shooter, but

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER

Here it is, everyone. This is it. This is every single 1970s mecha anime ever made. Yelling, combining giant robots,