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Killing Time

An Egyptology professor, Dr. Hargrove, discovered an ancient water clock in the tomb of the pharaoh Ramses. The clock supposedly


SkyGunner is a cutesy dogfighting action game published in the early days of the PlayStation 2, developed by PixelArts, a mysterious

Alpha Protocol

It should have become the ultimate interactive spy action RPG epic. As super spy Mike Thorton, you’d infiltrate enemy hideouts

Steins;Gate 0

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Steins;Gate

It’s impossible to talk about Steins;Gate 0 without spoiling one of the major aspects of the original game. It’s something like an


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Oh, the early days of the real time strategy game on DOS PCs. After Dune 2: The Battle for Arakkis


This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Hover

by Matthew Smith After nearly twenty years, the promise of a sequel for Hover! hinted at in the original’s help


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Hover

by Nick Zverloff Hover! was one of the first Windows 95 games that came bundled with Microsoft’s then new operating


You’re stranded in space, your buddies are dead, and those alien buttheads have ruined your souffle. What’s a space cook

Twinkle Tale

by ZZZ Twinkle Tale is an overhead run-and-gun that was released exclusively in Japan for the Mega Drive, and was


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is a visual novel that was originally released in Japan in 2009 on the Xbox 360, then ported to practically

Power Drift

Sega’s Power Drift is a go-kart racing game, and one of many arcade titles to use Sega’s Super Scaler technology to emulate

Dragon Slayer

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“Dragon Slayer is unlike any other game you have played on your computer!” Falcom’s Dragon Slayer is one of Japan’s first action


This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Strider

Capcom’s Strider series is set in the future, a time of the Striders, an elite group of counter-terrorists working to


Japanese developer Cave has been known for their long running line of distinct shooters, but they occasionally branch out into

Völgarr the Viking

Long ago, there was a time when men were still true men; when unleashed, savage barbarians wandered the earth, always