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Zombie Virus

Zombie Virus‘s basic conceit is intriguing; as a medical student in a city where most of the population has suddenly

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Genesis/SMS)

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Ah, the 80s. We constantly look back on the era and its charming tackiness, its pointless, embarrassing, yet adorable fads,

System Shock

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First person dungeon crawling has been a staple of the computer role playing game ever since Richard Garriott’s Akalabeth. Its

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Arcade)

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The arcade version of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker was developed in tandem with the Genesis version, but not only was it


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Wayforward Technologies was founded in 1990, and worked on a number of licensed and education products over the course of

Protect Me Knight

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  The Xbox Live Independent Game Marketplace was an interesting experiment on Microsoft’s behalf, offering an open place for pretty

Conquest of the Crystal Palace

Conquest of the Crystal Palace was developed and published by Quest in Japan, and released by Asmik in the US.

Cave Noire

For a long time, Rogue-style games were solely concentrated on personal computers. In 1993, Chunsoft tinkered with the formula a

Time Twist

The Famicom Disk System housed a number of adventure games, several of which were published by Nintendo themselves. Amongst more


Sega’s Panic! isn’t really a game, so much of a toy, something to play with, even though there are no


Namco practically invented the vertical shooter as we know it with Xevious, released in 1983. They expanded on the formula

Rockin’ Kats

Today, Atlus is beloved for their Shin Megami Tensei and offshoot Persona series than anything else. They’re arguably one of

Suzuki Bakuhatsu

Since the gradual shift into the third dimension, puzzle games have slowly become less and less representative of each passing

Citizen X

FMV games are awful. This terrible genre has the same stimulation as moving your cursor around a DVD menu screen.

General Chaos

War games are in great abundance in the market these days. I can always count on seeing a whole row