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Zombie Nation

What happens when a giant orange disembodied samurai head tears up the United States of America in a quest to

Where’s Waldo

Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo? series (or Where’s Wally? as it’s known outside of North America) was likely a staple of

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a cultural phenomenon when it hit the silver screen in 1988. Based on the novel

Ultimate Stuntman, The

Unlicensed titles on the Nintendo Entertainment System are often some of the most fascinating to discuss, less so for the

Twin Squash

Breakout is one of the simplest games in the universe. Launch a ball, hit a block, bounce the ball back

Total Recall

Total Recall is one of the most interesting films in Hollywood history. Directed by Paul Verhoeven of Robocop fame and


Sega has made a total of five known vector graphics titles, most of which were derivatives of the basic Spacewar!

Sindbad Mystery

Maze games essentially died after the eighties, but while they were going strong, every company made at least one to

Satan’s Hollow

Arguably the game to kickstart the trend of coin-operated stand-up arcade cabinets was Taito’s Space Invaders, the forefather of shoot-em-ups

Roller Aces

It’s unfortunate that there’s not much to say about Kaneko as a company, but they were just too obscure and

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