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What’s faster than F-1? Even though F-Zero is part of Nintendo’s long list of franchises that are only dug out from their

F-Zero X

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Fighting for the future F-Zero fans had to wait long for a proper sequel to the SNES launch title. Even after

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

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Back to the past’s future The next F-Zero was made a launch title again, but this time for Nintendo’s new handheld platform.

F-Zero GX/AX

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After completely dominating the market for nearly a decade, Nintendo entered a long struggle to properly get its consoles backed

F-Zero GP Legend

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A bag of anime tropes After years of teasing a sprawling sci-fi anime universe beyond the races in the games,

F-Zero Climax

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GP Legend, now out of beta Suzak must have nabbed a two-game contract with Nintendo – even though GP Legends was kind

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