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Blade Runner

Co-authored by Harry Milonas An acclaimed science-fiction writer with a strong cult following, Philip K. Dick is recognized as one

Cosmology of Kyoto

The only video game Roger Ebert ever reviewed and enjoyed, Cosmology of Kyoto is a striking blend of history, philosophy, religion and myth. Intriguing and

LSD: Dream Emulator

Video games have provided an escape from reality for decades. But the first and foremost method of escapism is found

The Residents’ Bad Day on the Midway

Bad Day on the Midway is a game that David Lynch and Terry Gilliam could have co-directed. It’s bizarre, dark,

Yume Nikki

    Yume Nikki (“Dream Diary”) was created entirely by the somewhat anonymous Japanese developer Kikiyama with RPG Maker. While

Gadget: Past as Future

Gadget stretches the idea of what it means to be an adventure game. Many would prefer to call it an