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Mercenary Force

Mercenary Force is a 2D hori shmup for the monochrome Game Boy. It falls under the same broad classification of

Wonder Project J

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  The origin of the “raising sim” is difficult to determine, but it’s probably traceable to Little Computer People in

Trip World

In the early 1990s Sunsoft was at its best, developing many fine platformers, several of which were even licensed properties.

SpaceStation Silicon Valley

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Every generation sees a handful of wildly original games which forge new ideas, or rework old ones in such a


“Devils in the bodies of men!” warns a weary frontiersman by the campfire, in Jason Wilson’s wild west horror set

Akira (Amiga)

Akira has the dubious honor of being one of the worst Amiga games ever, voted 29 worst release by LemonAmiga users. Though


The shoot-em-up genre was well established in 1990, with an already rich background to draw from. Arcades were the technological

Omikron: The Nomad Soul

  DISCLAIMER: This article contains a major though early plot spoiler. Discussing the game’s later sections would be impossible without

SpaceStation Silicon Valley (Game Boy Color)

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Unlike the subsequent wretched PlayStation port, this is an extremely faithful reiteration of the N64 original, and it’s not even

Rayxanber III

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It took DataWest two attempts and three years to finally create a truly quality shooter, and it’s damned excellent. As

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