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Pac-Man Arrangement

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Namco, for any faults they might have, rarely gives up on their classic franchises, no longer how long it’s been


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One of the greatest signs of success when you’re comparing video game mascots is just how many spinoffs they’ve had.


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One might say that the late 90s and early 2000s were the time when remakes of classic arcade games seemed

Pac & Pal

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Despite the rather tepid reception Super Pac-Man got in arcades, Namco would see fit to release another sequel the following

Professor Pac-Man

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By 1983, Pac-Man Fever seemed to finally coming to an end. Despite the release of two sequels from Namco, one

Jr. Pac-Man

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Bally Midway’s efforts to milk the franchise, Namco be damned, would march on with the release of Jr. Pac-Man. More

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

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Pac-Man sat a difficult spot in the 90s. His sheer popularity by the start of the 80s had carried over

Pac-Man Plus

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Released a full year after Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus is Midway’s second attempt at continuing the franchise without Namco’s involvement.

Super Pac-Man

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It took two years after the monumental release of the original Pac-Man for Namco to take the reins once more

Bump ‘n’ Jump

There’s something to be said for the appeal of vehicular carnage, assuming that it’s done in a completely fictional or

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

Co-authored by Benjamin Alexander Starting life as an independent comic by the name of Xenozoic Tales, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was

Lock N’ Chase

As one of the most, if not the the most well-known arcade games of all time, Pac-Man has more imitators

Stone Protectors

If you’re even remotely familiar with pop culture, you’re probably aware of the fad of the “Troll dolls”. To cut

Streets of Fury EX

To properly explain the surprising level of quality in Streets of Fury EX, it becomes necessary to describe a few

Math Rescue

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A few months after the release of Word Rescue, the educational platformer developed by Redwood Games, a sequel was completed.

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