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Ken’s Labyrinth

In its prime, the Build engine was considered nothing short of a technical marvel. While it took some time for

Worms Revolution

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Worms Crazy Golf was somewhat of a break in a series that had seemed to lose its focus and creativity

Worms Crazy Golf

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With Worms as a series so often being about reiterating and improving on the same basic mechanics, the times when

Undercover Cops

The works of the Irem staff who would go on to form Nazca are well known by arcade aficionados. With

Worms: A Space Oddity

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When Nintendo’s Wii hit the scene with its family-friendly appeal and highly-marketed motion controls, it would be no surprise that

Worms: Battle Islands

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An entirely forgettable release, it’s difficult to determine exactly who Battle Islands is for. The game apparently started life on

Worms 2 – Armageddon / Worms Reloaded

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(Screenshots are taken from Worms Reloaded.) Very much not to be confused with Worms Armageddon, this game’s title seems to

Worms: Open Warfare

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  With Mayhem having seen a rather tepid reception at launch, the series would never be fully realized in 3D

Worms: Open Warfare 2

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With about a year and a half between the two games, it’s still surprising how much of an improvement Open

Worms 4: Mayhem

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After the sudden detour Forts would take with the series, Mayhem just as sharply returns things to the status quo.

Worms Forts: Under Siege

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It’s somewhat frustrating to talk about Forts for too long, as it’s more or less a promising idea that simply

Worms 3D

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After the odd detour that was Worms Blast, one could only wonder what else Team 17 could do with the

Worms Blast

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It wouldn’t be hard to assume that Team 17 was running low on new ideas for the franchise after World

Worms World Party

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Despite the Dreamcast’s online capabilities, its port of Armageddon only allowed for gaming with local players. And so it was

Worms Armageddon

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At a casual glance, Armageddon won’t seem terribly different from the game that preceded it. Ask around, however, and you’ll

Worms Pinball

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In 1998, Team 17 released Addiction Pinball, a fairly standard pinball simulation that seemed to take much after the Pro

Worms 2

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While the computer that spawned it didn’t, Worms managed to survive, thanks to a multitude of ports and the strength

Worms: The Director’s Cut

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Team 17, the company who helped polish Worms into a commercial state and put it on shelves, were one of

Worms: Reinforcements

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As an expansion pack for the original game, Reinforcements adds an assortment of new features both subtle and major, and


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For those of us who live outside of Europe, the region where it reigned supreme, the Commodore Amiga is a

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