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As popular as swords and sorcery seems to be among video game developers, there is a surprising lack of Conan the

Super Monkey Daibouken

“Nagai tabi ga hajimaru…” (“The long journey begins…”) proclaims the opening text of Super Monkey Daibouken. And boy, are they

Cruise for a Corpse

Delphine’s third and final adventure game is a murder mystery, one heavily inspired by the works of Agatha Christie. The

VM Japan

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Vantage Master

VM Japan, subtitled “Vantage Master – Mystic Far East”, is the first (and currently only) true sequel to Vantage Master. The

Spelunker HD

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Tozai Games, who developed the remakes of Lode Runner and R-Type for the Xbox Live Arcade, also remade Spelunker for the PlayStation 3 and released solely

Star Jacker

Namco’s Xevious was influential to the genre of shoot-em-ups and was instrumental in evolving the genre up from the cornerstone of Space Invaders.

Dead or Alive

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The original version of Dead or Alive was first released in the arcades on Sega’s Model 2. It’s the same board used


“In 2016, a female PEID agent hired Mercenary Leon Todo before being killed by an unknown assailant. Leon traveled to

Feda 2: White Surge the Platoon

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In 1997, Max Entertainment decided to develop a sequel on the eve of the worldwide RPG craze. Feda 2: White Surge

Blackstone Chronicles

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Blackstone Chronicles as a rip-off of The 7th Guest. After all, they’re both solitary journeys into abandoned estates

Space Channel 5

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During the short life span of the Dreamcast, Sega published a number of truly fantastic, innovative games. Despite the system

Feda: The Emblem of Justice

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In the early 1990s, Sega had captivated many people with Shining Force for the Genesis due to its unique take on the

7th Dragon 2020

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7th Dragon 2020 is a fairly significant departure from its predecessor – it changes the setting from a generic fantasy world

Valis X

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In 2004, Telenet came into ownership of the Japanese adult game download portal, and presumably to make the most


” PIIIPPOOOOO- ” Up until the release of OverBlood – their first PlayStation production – in 1996, Riverhillsoft was mainly known for its fairly