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Hopper Robo

Whenever a new game concept hit it big during the infant days of video games in the late 70s and

Dungeon Magic

Taito was a company which understood the concept of innovation. Sadly, they seemed as conscious of the dying popularity of


“Spatter” sounds like a rather nasty occurrence, but it appears to be the name of the eponymous protagonist, a cute

Battle K-Road

While Psikyo was primarily heralded as a company who made solid and/or quirky shoot-em-up games, they tried their hand at

Daraku Tenshi

When Psikyo decided they wanted to make another fighting game, they wisely decided to not connect it in any way

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

When the first Star Wars movie opened in theaters in 1977, it had a tremendous impact on pop culture in

S.P.Y. – Special Project Y

In a few ways, Konami’s arcade game S.P.Y. feels like sort of a spiritual sequel to Bayou Billy, in that it’s basically a

Bay Route

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Geez, how many times have you heard that one before? It’s a hoary

Calorie-Kun vs. Moguranian

Vic Tokai’s Calorie-Kun vs. Moguranian sounds and shares the visual style of a manga, it’s actually an entirely original concept. As the

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series NiGHTS

Despite numerous cameos and references throughout the years, NiGHTS did not receive a sequel until 2008, with NiGHTS: Journey of

Aero Fighters Special

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Sonic Wings / Aero Fighters

This entry in the series, which appears to be a remake of Aero Fighters 2, jumped ship from the Neo-Geo hardware

Dragon & Princess, The (Dark Age of JRPGs)

The Dragon & Princess ドラゴンアンドプリンセス – PC-88, FM-7 (December 1982)   When people think of Koei nowadays, the first association

Blast Wind

Retro gamers call almost any obscure game a cult classic. Unlike most of Technosoft’s catalog, Blast Wind hasn’t amassed enough fans to

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

This entry is part 5 of 9 in the series Wolfenstein

The Wolfenstein series was not heard from for almost six years, until id Software announced that a brand new game would be

Yoshiro Kimura

Photo by Daniel Feit from Inside Japan’s Indie Games Fest, Where Crazy Is Mandatory Q: You love travelling and have