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Art of Fighting 3

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Art of Fighting 3 is a drastic step away from its predecessors. In Japan, it’s known as Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden, portraying

Art of Fighting 2

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Taking place a year after the original game, Art of Fighting 2 tells the tales of both the first King of Fighters

Fatal Fury 2

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While the original Fatal Fury resembled Street Fighter II because it was based on the same source, Fatal Fury 2 is definitely a blatant clone. The

Pinball Quest

Over the years, there have been a few really bizarre hybrids of RPGs with other genres. Zero 4 Champ for SFC, TG-16,

Art of Fighting (Intro / Characters)

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Back in 1992, Street Fighter II was the new kid on the block, and other arcade developers were scrambling for ways to

Big Bang Pro Wrestling

Seven years after the non-stop crap-fest that is 3 Count Bout, SNK took a second shot at the wrestling genre with Big

3 Count Bout

It goes without saying that SNK are well known for their fighting games. And rightly so – they made about

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

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This game’s title is a little bit misleading – the “Special” seems to imply that, like Fatal Fury 2, this is

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