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Kujaku Ou

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While little-known in the West, Makoto Ogino’s Kujaku Ou (or Peacock King) was a popular and critically-acclaimed manga series in

Kujaku Ou 2

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For their second Kujaku Ou game, publisher Pony Canyon went with a different developer, Atelier Double. The choice was a


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Though SpellCaster was one of the more popular Master System games, few knew at the time that the original Japanese release

Mystic Defender

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Many places on the Internet refer to Mystic Defender as the sequel to SpellCaster. Technically, this isn’t exactly true. It


In Japan, period dramas occupy a place roughly equivalent to that of cop shows in America. Countless have been produced

Kaze Kiri Ninja Action

Kaze Kiri is a surprisingly experimental game. You would probably expect a single-plane beat-em-up with a ninja theme to play

Revengers of Vengeance

Revengers of Vengeance may not come up in conversation often, but when it does, it’s usually because of its title.

Venom & Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety

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While he started as a villain, Venom’s popularity lead to his transformation into an anti-hero with multiple mini-series to his

Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage

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For almost two decades following the advent of the NES, Japanese game companies generally dominated the arcade and console landscapes, while

Samurai Gunn

Samurai Gunn is one of the most accessible fighting games you’ll find. It has nearly no learning curve, nothing you

Soul of the Samurai

Like many game concepts, Soul of the Samurai‘s results from the mixing of ideas popular at the time of its

Samurai Nipponichi

Samurai Nipponichi (also spelled Samurai Nihon-Ichi) translates to “Japan’s Number One Samurai”. A rather cool title, though North American players wouldn’t have

Crimson Tears

Often times, when discussing little-known (or little-liked) games of some merit, the phrase “diamond in the rough” comes up. Crimson Tears must

Adventures of Darwin, The

The Adventures of Darwin, by cheapo developer Vingt-Et-Un Systems and released as part of the Simple 2000 line in Japan,

Tobal 2

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Often, versus fighter sequels are content with offering a bit of new content and some minor tweaks; Tobal 2 is not one