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Born in 1981. Diagnosed with autism at age 3. Grew up with Atari800 and NES in elementary school, and remained a fan of Nintendo ever since, while also buying other consoles from time to time and upgrading my PC for gaming. Today, primarily a fan of Nintendo's games and indie games, along with a few non-Nintendo big budget games. Kind of a variety gamer who loves being surprised by games I didn't know I'd love. I love how the indie scene has led to a massive burst in creativity and passion for new ideas that, to me, has revitalized gaming. Having grown up with older games, but moved on to new ones, I have a healthy respect for the past and how it led to where we are today. I try to see the good and bad in all eras of gaming.


Horror was once a rare gaming genre, with little variety, typified by the gameplay styles of Resident Evil and Silent

Treasures of the Aegean

Video games come in many genres, with their own established rules. We know what a puzzle platformer is, what a

Final Legacy

Old video games introduced many of the basic concepts and genres that are still used today, which were refined over

Road 96

It’s rare that a game comes along packed full of new ideas, trying something very different for the first time,

Tormented Souls

Resident Evil and Silent Hill were once the dominant leading franchises of the survival horror genre, ushering in a new

Grapple Force Rena

There just seems to be something special about grappling hook mechanics that many people really like. Being able to grab


Video games are about many kinds of experiences. Some are about challenge. Some are about competition. Some are about experiencing

Songs for a Hero

The video game market in 1980s Brazil was like a parallel universe to the United States. Instead of the NES

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

There are many Earthbound-inspired games, all with their own interpretation of what made Earthbound special. Was it the modern day


Pikuniku is a weird game. In the age of downloadable games from indie studios galore, seemingly anything can and will

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