Series: Darkstalkers

Darkstalkers (Introduction / Characters)

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Darkstalkers (known as Vampire in Japan) was Capcom’s other original fighting game series. Its popularity never came anywhere near Street Fighter‘s, but its colorful characters, innovate

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

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Darkstalkers was a labor of love on Capcom’s part, and it shows. For one thing, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous for

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

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Now this is more like it. Night Warriors improves upon Darkstalkers in virtually every possible way, and is a far smoother and more enjoyable

Vampire Savior

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Here it is: the pinnacle of the Darkstalkers series and one of the most overlooked masterpieces of electronic entertainment. Darkstalkers 3 blows the previous

Darkstalkers Compilations

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Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service – Dreamcast (2000) A Dreamcast port of Vampire Savior 2 with a few nifty extra features came out

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