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The HG101 and Sonic & Sega Fan Jam 2016 Fanbook

Master System Cover Sonic Variant Cover Cover artwork by Doryan Nelson Produced in conjunction with SegaBITS, and this fanbook was created to

Demon Front

Taiwan-based developer IGS is primarily known for their PolyGame Master arcade hardware, and along with it, a whole slew of Final

Rapid Reload

Rapid Reload, also known in native Japan as Gunner’s Heaven, is very, very obviously influenced by Treasure’s Genesis run-and-gun Gunstar

Fallout: Modding, Fan Works & Other Media

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Modding and fan works Fallout community is known for creating large amounts of high quality fan works. Their creations include many

Fallout 4

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In Fallout 4, armor works different than in every single Fallout game before it. This time, it’s composed of six independent pieces worn

Mystical Fighter

Beat-’em-ups should be played with a little aggressivity, a little focused anger. In order to really enjoy what the genre

Crimzon Clover

Indie/doujin bullet hell shoot-em-ups are a dime a dozen nowadays, but few are as good or as fun to the

Fallout Shelter

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Fallout Shelter is a free to play mobile game released as a part of the Fallout 4 promotional campaign. This time, player becomes

Fallout: New Vegas

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New Vegas might at the first sight look like just another expansion to Fallout 3 (it uses the same engine and a lot

Fallout 3

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Fallout 3 marks a significant change in the direction of Fallout series. Developed by Bethesda using their Gamebryo engine (the same one that

Fallout Online

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All Fallout Online screenshots and concept art taken from Nukapedia and shared under CC-BY-SA license. Despite selling the rights to the Fallout series to

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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Oldschool PC RPGs don’t translate well to consoles due to controls-related reasons: the interface designed for mouse is difficult to

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (usually referred to as simply Fallout Tactics to avoid confusion with another game called Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel) is

Fallout 3: Van Buren

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Jefferson Engine was an in-house game development tool created by Black Isle Studios. It was created as a successor to

Double Dragon Advance

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Double Dragon started out strong, but the next few sequels didn’t really take the chance to evolve much. In fact, most