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Procedural generation is an interesting design avenue. Enabling what can be considered a unique experience every time one plays a

Zombie Revenge

B-grade zombie flicks are a dime a dozen. Their poor production quality and acting is often seen as more of

Arkista’s Ring

Most people associate top-down shooters with frantic action or some kind of glitz/glam/gore excess thanks to the like of Smash


Storytelling is a medium that has existed in human culture since we began as a species. Over the years storytelling

Carrier Air Wing

Of course, when it comes to barely resembling that which once was, Carrier Air Wing is a rather dissonant follow-up

U. N. Squadron

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series UN Squadron

When one thinks of media depicting the tragedy of war and the toll it takes on the minds and bodies

Blue Stinger

Oh, Blue Stinger. Sweet, sweet child. A game like you does not come about often enough. Critically and collectively panned

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