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Bayonetta 2

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The situation PlatinumGames faced while making Bayonetta 2 was completely different from the one they faced making the first Bayonetta.


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Platinum Games’ Bayonetta isn’t the first game developed by the studio (that honor goes to MadWorld), it’s almost certainly one of

Maken X

Maken X is an anomaly of a video game. Of Atlus’ two Dreamcast projects (the other being the horror game deSpiria),

Mamono Hunter Yohko

One of the most pleasant surprises one has playing video games is encountering a game that’s unaware of its own


In 2008, a small group of indie developers created a small prototype game named Dyson, after the hypothetical tree that could survive

America Daitouryou Senkyo

Despite rarely being recognized as such, the 1988 presidential election was one of the more influential elections of the modern

Onyanko Town

Micronics, the company behind Onyanko Town, wasn’t known for their original games. They were a creative-for-hire company like TOSE or


It’s difficult to approach discussing Catherine, Atlus’ PS3/X360 narrative-focused puzzle game, without also discussing the Persona series. Despite the lack of gameplay and

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

While nostalgia for the 1990s has become a cliche over the years, for anime, it feels at least somewhat appropriate.

Kowloon’s Gate

Kowloon’s Gate is a very difficult game. It’s not difficult in the sense that it presents challenges you’re likely to

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