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Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo

Japanese publisher Zerodiv has been keeping Psikyo’s shoot-em-ups alive in the modern era, thanks to ports to smartphones as well


HG101 Year-End Book Status Updates – A Guide to Japanese Role Playing Games, Japanese Video Game Obscurities Vol. 2, and more!

Time of a year end round up here at HG101! When we began 2019, we had pretty ambitious plans when

Game Tengoku – The Game Paradise!

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The Game Tengoku duo of games is to Jaleco what the Parodius series is to Konami – shoot-em-up featuring characters from their older games,

Mahou Daisakusen

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Compile was one of the premier shoot-em-up developers during the 80s and early 90s, with impressive titles like Zanac, Aleste,

Cannon Spike

There was a time when arcade games were simple in concept and the only requirement was to eradicate all enemies

Dragon Blaze

Psikyo is largely known for creating an expansive line of shooters, with their most famous being Strikers 1945, Sengoku Ace, and Gunbird. In

Rabio Lepus

One of the lesser-known games from the arcade renaissance of the late 1980s, Rabio Lepus was developed by V-System (later



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Gunbird 2

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Gunbird 2 takes everything that Gunbird started and cranks it up several notches. It has a much more refined scoring system, modernized gameplay


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Gunbird

Gunbird is a two-game series of shooters from prolific developer Psikyo. They heavily resemble other games from the company, such as Sengoku

Battle K-Road

While Psikyo was primarily heralded as a company who made solid and/or quirky shoot-em-up games, they tried their hand at

Daraku Tenshi

When Psikyo decided they wanted to make another fighting game, they wisely decided to not connect it in any way

Aero Fighters Assault

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Perhaps sensing that scrolling shooters were becoming less popular with the gaming crowd, Video System contracted the final game in

Aero Fighters 3

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This sequel appears to have some type of time-travel storyline, as the usual fighter jets are replaced with World War


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Capcom entered the arcade game market in 1983, with its first shoot-em-up being Vulgus, which had a very typical science

Sonic Wings

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Sonic Wings / Aero Fighters

The Aero Fighters series, known in Japan as Sonic Wings, was started in 1992 by arcade developer Video System. It’s a globe-spanning, vertical-scrolling

Sol Divide

Psikyo’s Sol Divide is quite an unusual game, one that blends numerous genres into one. It’s mostly a horizontal shooter, although it

Raiden Fighters

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Raiden Fighters is something certainly different from the original Raiden games, mostly because it was originally conceived as a totally different game called Gun

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