HG101 Presents The Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 2 is now available, plus Itch.io sale!

The Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 2 is now available! You can check out the full list of games covered on its page, or just head straight to Amazon to grab a copy!

As a celebration, we’re having a sale at itch.io! Our previous shoot-em-up themed books are 50% off, and the rest of our books are 25% off! This will last all through the next week until Sunday May 2nd.

It’s been a long journey putting this together, as the first Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups volume came out four and a half years ago! What took so long? Well, we had articles on the site covering most of the companies being featured – Toaplan, Psikyo, and Raizing – but they were also written almost a decade ago and need some improvements. As a result, I spent quite a bit of time editing, expanding, and in some cases completely rewriting them, so the versions in this book are quite a bit different than the ones currently on the website. Originally we were only doing to cover a few Namco games, like Xevious, Dragon Spirit, and Phelios, but ended up adding a few other lesser known ones like Sky Kid, Dangerous Seed, and NebulusRay.

The cover artwork is once again by the super talented Michael Brennan. There are plenty of fun Easter eggs and references in there, too – pay attention to the Xevian writing, too!

There’s more HG101 news to announce coming up very soon!

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