HG101 Early Holiday book sale on itch.io!

To celebrate the launch of our long-awaited Shin Megami Tensei / Persona book, we’re having a holiday sale on our itch.io store. All books are 25% off (including this brand new one), for the rest of month!

The 200 Best Games of All Time book is also on sale for only $1! This includes a Bonus Edition PDF that includes some extra games added to the “Best Games of All Time” list that were originally included in HG101 Digest Vol. 4 and HG101 Digest Vol. 6, along with two bonus entries. So now it’s something like “218 Best Games of All Time”, technically. This version is only available digitally.

Also, I’ve added text MOBI/EPUB versions to all applicable books. We create these at the request of Storybundle whenever we’re featured there, but now they’ve been included at no extra cost. These files are much smaller as they’re mostly text with some images interspersed, so it may be easier to read on e-reading devices, depending on your preferences. If you already purchased something on the store, they should be available to download, so you don’t need to purchase them again. Please note that Wrestling with Pixels and the SMT/Persona book don’t have text versions available yet, as they haven’t been created.


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