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Join us for HG101’s new podcast: Gaming with PALs this weekend!

One of the things that stood out from the poll we recently ran was that people wanted to hear more

Top 47k Games Limited Edition Cassette Unboxing!

Hey everyone! We’re so grateful to see so many of you have been supporting our Patreon lately. We’ve been working


First batch of HG101 goodies has arrived!

You probably saw that we’ve upgraded our Patreon tiers with new tiers with all sorts of goodies. We just started

HG101’s Youtube – Now with Content!

First of all, thanks to the 4.3k people who subscribe to our Youtube channel! It’s really nice to see so

New Feature: Get HG101 Notifications In Your Browser

We’ve just added the ability for you to subscribe to our articles directly from your browser! Simply click the little

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Our reviews and in-depth features explore all aspects of gaming. We started in 2009, with thousands of articles to bring

HG101’s Books

HG101 produces books on the history of video games, seen from the lens of classic hardcore gamers. Find out everything

HG101’s Podcast

Join the HG101 gang in our weekly podcast: The Top 47,858 Games of All Time! We objectively, definitely and above

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Get even more out of HG101 by being a Patreon supporter! Get our collections of books, tons of exclusive episodes

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