Join us for HG101’s new podcast: Gaming with PALs this weekend!

One of the things that stood out from the poll we recently ran was that people wanted to hear more from games that weren’t made in Japan or the USA.

We decided to pilot a new podcast. It’s called Gaming with PALs (get it?), and you guessed it, we’ll be covering games from around the world. Unlike 47k Games, these will be long episodes. We’re talking 2-3 hours long. We want to give you a good sense of what it was like growing up in the 80s and 90s in a country, what people loved, what they played, who were the local studios.

Another thing we’re doing differently is that we’ll be recording this live. This Saturday, August 4th, at 7PM PST, you’ll be able to join our Discord and listen in on our recording, and ask us questions in real time! For our first episode, we’ll be covering France. We hope to see you on the Discord this weekend.

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