HG101’s Youtube – Now with Content!

HG101's Youtube - Now with Content!

First of all, thanks to the 4.3k people who subscribe to our Youtube channel! It’s really nice to see so many people who want to watch our videos.

To be honest, we feel we haven’t been doing a whole lot with the channel. Most of our energy goes in the books, the podcast and the articles.

We spoke with the team, and we’re doing two things to flesh out the channel.

Firstly, we’re going to add every episode of the podcast on the Youtube channel. They’re audio only, but I ended up programming something to show the waveforms and Weasel made us a nice background. We’re pretty happy with the result!

We’ll be posting additional episodes every day, until we fully catch up with our current episode.

Uploading the audio episodes to Youtube means:
– You have a new way of listening to your episodes on the go via Youtube (we like that a lot better than other podcast players)
– It’s really easy for us to embed them here
– We can embed our episodes on the sidebar here as well

Secondly, we’re migrating our GC9X videos! We made a lot of GC9X content in the past, which is on a now defunct channel. We’re migrating all this content to the HG101 channel. You’ll find old podcasts, reviews of games and more in the coming weeks.

Lastly, we’re thinking of ways to create more videos content. We have a few ideas brewing, but it’s gonna take some time. Hope you’ll enjoy our videos in the meantime.

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