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Milon no Hoshizora Shabon: Puzzle Kumikyoku

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Hudson’s star faded away after the 1990s, surviving on a steady but reliable diet of Bomberman and Momotarou Densetsu games,

DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no Doki Doki Daibouken

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After Milon’s initial outing in 1986, the character sulked back into the shadows as Hudson prioritized the adventures (and revenges)

Milon’s Secret Castle

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Milon’s Secret Castle is an early attempt to blend arcade-like platforming with adventure and puzzle solving, sort of like Super

Video Game References in Manga

Manga, anime, and video games are intrinsically tried as Japanese pop culture, so it makes sense that they’d often cross

Legend of Nayuta, The: Boundless Trails

Though Japanese developer Nihon Falcom was long known by RPG fans for their work on Ys, Sorcerian and many popular RPGs, the


Wibarm is the lovechild of Game Arts’ Thexder and Falcom’s Xanadu, two of the most popular games in the mid-1980s

Taito Milestones 2

The first Taito Milestones compilation was a somewhat baffling collection of titles from the company’s output of the 1980s. Thankfully,

Robinson’s Requiem

Robinson’s Requiem is a sci-fi adaptation of the classic novel Robinson Crusoe, as you control someone stranded on a hostile

A Guide to Japanese RPGs Reprint, plus PC Engine: The Box Art Collection now available!

A Guide to Japanese Role Playing Games is now back in print! Previous prints have sold out pretty quickly so

Ray’z Arcade Chronology

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After re-releasing the Darius games as the Darius Cozmic Collection and G-Darius / G-Darius HD, M2 has returned to Taito’s

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