Upcoming Books Poll

Here at HG101, we currently have a few books already in the works: The Guide to Retro Horror (due in October 2018), the Star Fox/F-Zero Digest (due early 2019), Wrestling with Pixels (due 2019 sometime), The Unofficial Guide to Shin Megami Tensei (due mid/late 2019) and Japanese Video Game Obscurities (completed, currently awaiting publication for October 2019). However, we’ve still got tons of ideas for future books and we like to get them started well ahead of time, in writing, designing, and commissioning articles, so we’re turning to you to help determine what we should be prioritizing! We’ve created a poll that has over eighteen different proposed book topics, so please check it out and vote for which ones you’d be most interested in purchasing. We’ve also included a write-in spot for any other topics you think we should be investigating.

Please check out the poll here!

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