Revised Article Payment Rates and Patreon Goals for 2022

Happy 2022 everyone! Things are relatively okay at HG101 headquarters but we’re going to be making a few changes in the upcoming year.

The pandemic has caused inflation worldwide, and with that, rising wages. To keep up with this, we’ll be updating our payment rates from $15 per 500 words to $20 per 500 words. We’d kept the same rate since we started operating a Patreon back in 2014, but we felt it was time for a raise. The payment rate for Japanese Video Game Obscurities pieces will remain at $25 per piece.

However, due to the fact that our site income (and therefore budget) hasn’t actually increased, we’ll be changing how often the site updates. Normally, it updated with new written articles every two days, with some regular columns (Japanese Video Game Obscurities, 500 Word Indies) appearing every Monday. For 2022, this will change to approximately every three days. We will still be posting columns on Monday, though they may be more irregular. Podcast episodes are not affected and will continue to be posted at the same rate – two per week on the main feed, plus one extra on the Patreon-exclusive feed.

Last year we actually had a payment rate update as one of our Patreon goals, and while it was always close, it never quite made it. This year, if our monthly pledge level reaches $2,750, then we’ll be going back to the regular schedule. If we manage to make it to $3,500, then the article payment rate will be going up again.

Submissions are still open, though as always, there is a queue of at least three months (as of this posting) for an article to be posted and paid. Here are some of the specific topics we’re looking for:

Taito Arcade Games

We’re planning another Taito digest later this year, so we’re looking for any 80s/90s Taito game series that wasn’t already in the first volume. The big ones we’re looking for are Pocky & Rocky / Kiki Kaikai and Rainbow Islands.

Visual Novels and Japanese Adventure Games

Any of these, particularly ones form the 1990s and early 2000s. We have articles on Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright incoming, but anything else, particularly any of the Science Adventure games, or stuff like Root Letter, would be great. This is another topic we hope to start creating books for one day!

Any “cult classic” or “hidden gem” arcade or 16-bit game

As follow-ups to our NES Cult Classics book, we’d like to create a series that highlight similar games for 16-bit platforms, as well as lesser known 80s/90s arcade games. Basically, anything from companies that aren’t big names like Capcom, SNK, Nintendo, Sega, or Taito. For arcade games, we’re specifically looking for more games from Nichibutsu, UPL, Jaleco, Irem, ADK or Mitchell.

Any Retro Indie game

Platformers, Metroidvanias, point-and-click adventure games, shoot-em-ups, any modern game that recalls retro games, in one way or another. We just put out the second volume in our series of these, and sure would like to do another one!

Mascot Platformers

Anything from the era of 16-bit mascot platformers. That’s right, we’ll do a scrunko book eventually!

Japanese Video Game Obscurities

A 500-ish word piece about any unique or unusual Japan-only game. As mentioned above, these pay $25 each and are posted quicker than others since they’re a regular piece.

Please look over the Submission Guidelines and drop me a line at!

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