Open submissions for Japanese Video Game Obscurity column

We recently hit out Patreon goal for weekly feature columns, most of which have been part of the Japanese Video Game Obscurity series. Most of the ones I’ve posted so far are from a potential second volume of our book by the same name, which we’re still working towards. In addition to the ones I’ve already written, I’m looking for some freelancers for additional submissions that follow the same style. Requirements are:

-The game has be to Japan-only at the time of the pitch.
-It can’t be covered anywhere already on the site or in any of our books – the goal is to highlight something new and interesting!
-The write-ups should be between 400 and 600 words, so they don’t need to be particularly long. If you want to do a short summary of a particular series rather than just a single game, that’s fine too.
-Any platform is okay, but I have a particular interest in Japanese PC games and oddball PS1 titles.
-In addition to the write-up, I’ll need a handful of screenshots from an emulator (please take original screens, and make sure to review our guide) and an image of the box. Box shots can be hard to locate so if you source them from Mobygames, it’s fine.
-Payment rate is $25 USD per piece.

Please send any pitches to Also please only pitch no more than three games at a time if you’d like to write more than one. Thanks!

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