HG101 Presents: Japanese Video Game Obscurities book now live on Kickstarter!

As mentioned a few months ago, we’ve moved the Japanese Video Game Obscurities book to Kickstarter in order to complete funding for this project. We have 30 days to raise the remaining $15,000 (the deadline is Wednesday April 11), so please be sure to check it out! If you’ve been hesitating, this is pretty much the do-or-die for this book, or else it won’t be published, so your pledge would be hugely appreciated to make this happen!

If you’ve already pledged via Unbound, don’t worry – it’s already been recorded, so there’s no need to pledge again for the Kickstarter. The full list of games I’m intending to include are still on the project’s main page.

For the past couple of months we’ve been posting excepts from the book for our weekly column, which is just a small piece of what will be covered within. I’ll be continuing to post them throughout the remainder of the crowdfunding campaign too. Also check out the forum thread if you have any questions about the project or have any suggestions for anything we might have overlooked!

Thanks for your help!